July 3, 2022

Strategy Masterclasses By Jim Antonopoulos – Free Download Course


The Strategy Masterclasses By Jim Antonopoulos – Free Download Course


Learn a more human approach to strategy and take creativity to a whole new level.


Frameworks, case studies and resources that demystify strategy and help you begin your journey towards creative leadership.

The Strategy Masterclass is an online Masterclass for emerging Designers and Strategists that provides the necessary foundations to develop skills in strategy. I have taken 25 years of industry experience as a Strategy Director, Creative Director and agency owner and packaged the fundamentals of strategy into this Masterclass.

This Masterclass lays out the foundation in video modules—each containing simple lessons—that will prepare you for diving deep into specific areas of strategy later on. If you’re interested in doing more strategic work or evolving your career towards a bigger, broader discipline that solves real-world business, communication and design challenges—this is where to start.

You will learn practical strategy frameworks, how to use them in your work and how to apply them in your journey towards leadership roles in strategy and creative industries. This Foundation Masterclass is the first step in learning how to do work in brand strategy, communications strategy and digital strategy.

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