July 3, 2022

Tactical Arbitrage Academy By Christopher Grant – Free Download Course


Tactical Arbitrage Academy By Christopher Grant – Free Download Course

Master Tactical Arbitrage and Find More Products to Sell on Amazon

Harness the Power of Tactical Arbitrage – 99% of Users Are Just Scratching the Surface

This course covers every aspect of Tactical Arbitrage from beginner to advanced. Brought to you by Christ Grant for CleartheShelf.com and Nate McCallister of EntreResource.com. Upon completion of this course and all assignments, you will be more prepared to find profitable products to sell on Amazon. Guaranteed!

Get Your Virtual Assistants up to Speed Fast

This program can turn a virtual assistant into a product sourcing machine. Get more for each hour you pay an online team by having your assistants complete this program!

Skills :

Understanding Quality Leads (Focus on Keepa)
Understanding the Dashboard
Basic Product Search
Reverse Search
Wholesale Search
Amazon Flips

Bonus Material:

AZVA Training Web Course
VA hiring and management 101
$497 value
Hours of Modules and Downloadable Resources. This is the most comprehensive program on hiring a virtual assistant to expand your Amazon business. Schedules and Checklists to Keep Your VA Busy and Productive. Don’t worry about telling your VA every little aspect of the business. We do that for you! Perfect Complement to Tactical Arbitrage Academy! Tactical Arbitrage makes it
50 X Path Sites

Immediately add more sites to Tactical Arbitrage
$297 value
Custom websites you can add to your Tactical Arbitrage account! Give yourself a competitive advantantage Easy installation (taught in course!)
Exclusive 3rd Party Discounts

Relevant tools and services for Tactical Arbitrage users
Discounts include… –$50 off Storefront Stalker Pro– $10 off Rev ROI– $10 off BrickSeek Add On– 50% off all X-Path Websites from EliteProductSourcing.com –Tactical Bucket Credits– $10 off OA Highlight –50% off Storefront Scheduler–


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