August 15, 2022

The 15 Minutes To Financial Freedom By Moonin Papa – Free Download Course


The 15 Minutes To Financial Freedom By Moonin Papa – Free Download Course – The Better Traders

Learn How to Spend Just 15 Minutes A Day Managing Your Trades

Master the tools to help you earn more Bitcoin with Moonin Papa, 3Commas most trusted ambassador.

Includes One-on-One Coaching!

If you have never traded Cryptocurrency before and want a place to start, then this is the course for you! In this Course designed for both Beginners and Intermediates you will:

Learn how to use the tools to analyze charts that takes only 15 minutes a day to manage.

Learn how to grow your account using Account Building techniques.

Learn the essentials of generating passive income through Bot Trading, using Free Trading Signals

Learn the essentials of trading such as candlesticks, the order book, volume, support and resistance.

Learn how to use the 3Commas platform including Smart Trade, the Buy/Sell tab, split targets, trailing take profit, and stop loss.

Learn how to setup the same trading tools I use such as Trading View, and to create an account on a crypto exchange.

Learn essentials of indicators like the TBO (Trending Break Out) indicator, and the Relative Strength Index (RSI).

Learn about crypto tax tips as well as recommended tools to help you file your taxes.

Learn how to keep your funds safe and secure using hardware wallets.

Learn how to keep your emotions in check while trading using the Better Trader’s Journal.

Work with one of my hand-picked Coaches who will help you go through the course content.


You will also Receive:

Over 8 Hours of Content spread over 21 Modules

$600 Value

5 One-on-One Coaching Sessions with one of our Accredited Coaches

$300 Value

BONUS: 30-Day Subscription to the Poobah Pro

​$40 Value

BONUS: 30-Day Exclusive Access Subscription to the TBO Indicator $30 Value

BONUS: A PDF Copy of The Better Trader’s Journal $30 Value

Learn why Moonin Papa has become the Most Trusted Ambassador and Face of 3Commas for so many people in the Crypto community.

His Ability to Teach and Share his Knowledge Clearly and in an Engaging and Honest Manner has helped thousands of people around the world.

This is the first time he’s put all this knowledge together into an introductory course that is Jam-Packed with Tools and Tips to Make YOU a Better Trader!

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