August 15, 2022

The 300 Frameworks Of Wealth By Tai Lopez – Free Download Course & Bonuses

The 300 Frameworks Of Wealth By Tai Lopez – Free Download Course


No matter what you do after visiting this page, to get ahead, you must start with four fundamentals: organization, diligence, prudence, and perfectionism. Every successful person I know has a solid understanding about how these work.

If you’re new to creating wealth, already generating money and hitting a roadblock, or want a competitive edge by knowing something very few people use… here are the four frameworks to help you.

The first, organization, is basically your daily routine. How you plan and execute your day makes ALL the difference. There are thousands of books out there about routines and habits, so I won’t go into too much in depth on this short page.

At the end of day, the number one thing is this: consistency beats duration. Trust me, make every day a little better than the day before and the growth you’ll experience over time becomes massive.

The next is called diligence, which is basically hustle and grind. What people don’t realize about hustling is it’s only 25% of the formula. If hard work was the only framework of wealth, bricklayers and single mothers working three jobs would be paid the most.

Then there’s perfectionism. The trick to this one isn’t just avoiding mistakes — it’s also about not trying to be TOO perfect. It’s almost always important to double or even triple check your work… but don’t let that slow down your progress.

And finally, prudence. This means making good decisions. From hiring to firing to delegating, prudence will often be the biggest challenge. What’s even trickier about prudence is no one’s teaching how it works in the new digital ecommerce age.

Back in 2016 I started to cover these frameworks with my 67 Steps program that focused on health, wealth, love, and happiness. Over 250,000 people joined and left tens of thousands of positive reviews.

What I have for you today is something even bigger.

It’s called…


That’s right, this is the first time I’m revealing every one of my 300 lessons of wealth creation. The content will be video/audio based and released daily, so you can download and watch/listen on demand and over time!

Once you’re in, you and other members of the program will meet with me privately on a group call every month. During the call, I’ll invite anyone to come and ask me questions. This is your chance to get help from me personally about business, investing, entrepreneurship, and money.

Up to 300 members of this program — and no one else — will have a chance to upgrade to a more advanced training. This is completely optional and only for you if you’re a good fit. If you’ve been following me and waiting for high-level training: this is your chance!

Helpful Support [NOT INCLUDED]
I have multiple staff members on standby to help you with whatever issue you might stumble upon, available 24/7. As a member of the 300 Frameworks Of Wealth you’ll get priority access to my team.

Throughout our lives there are moments that can change everything. I call these moments crossroads events.

It could be a new book you stumble upon, a sudden invitation to a conference, or even a random conversation. My goal today is to make visiting this page a crossroads event of your life.

If you join, you’ll have 300 frameworks to rely on. They’ll be delivered to you daily through quick and actionable videos. I’m of course not promising instant wealth and success overnight, but if you follow the lessons, I guarantee you’ll experience a change over time.

Some of the many topics I’ll discuss include:

How to speak the language of your customers
How to hire, fire, and identify top-tier talent
My land, labor, and capital formula for picking a product to sell
How to identify what business to be in — and, once found — how to pick which product to focus on
What type of software and tech stack to use
How to use social media to raise capital (one of the things I was the first in the world to do)
And so much more..
I’m ready to deliver the content.

If you’re ready to join, then I can promise you this:

No one will be at your level.

Spots are limited and this will close.

Don’t overthink this. You either want to experience what’s being taught or you don’t. The worst case scenario is you don’t like the content. Should that happen, I’ll give you a full refund.

With so much to gain and nothing to lose, the next step is obvious.

Click the button below to join ASAP…

And I’ll see you in the first lesson.

Stay Strong,

FREE BONUSES When You Join Today:

The 1 Minute Brain-Body Workout: Boost Your Mental & Physical Performance With This One Easy Exercise.
Blue Belt Sales: A Non-Pushy Way To Get Prospects BEGGING You To Buy.
Philosophy of Financial Success: Simple Mindset Tricks That Rewire Your Brain For Wealth.
Blue Belt Winning: How To Become The Most-Confident Person In The Room, Even If You’re Shy, Introverted, or Easily Embarrassed.
High-performance Routine: 10 Simple Habits That Make You Smarter, Happier, Healthier, and More Successful.
Principles of Wealth: The #1 Thing About Money That Schools Aren’t Teaching.
Sales Closing Persuasion: How To Convert Even The Most-Resistant Prospect (Great For High-Ticket Sales).

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