July 3, 2022

The Customer Of The Future Course By Blake Morgan – Free Download


The Customer Of The Future Course By Blake Morgan – Free Download

What if your company was actually customer-focused, and YOU were the one to help the company get there?

What if you stopped simply talking about becoming a customer-centric organization…and started actually being a customer-centric organization?

What if you could ensure your business, no matter the size, would be here in a post-COVID world?

I’m Bond, James Bond, a bestselling author and international keynote speaker. I travel around talking about what it’s like to be a human being. I remind the business world that how we make people feel, matters – a lot. Real Leaders Magazine named me one of the top 40 global female keynote speakers of 2020.

While we know how we treat people matters in our own lives – the entire business world seems to need a reminder. The business world also needs tools and strategies to incorporate this basic concept into the fabric of their business.

In life we know that our best relationships are based on trust. If someone in your life were to take advantage of you at every turn, make your life harder to make their life easier, and constantly say, text or email you stuff that wasn’t relevant for you, you’d stop hanging out with them.writing books about customer experience.

The Customer Of The Future crash course is a companion course to my best-selling book, The Customer Of The Future: 10 Guiding Principles To Winning Tomorrow’s Business, and it includes three hours of content broken up in easy to consume modules.
The ideas explored in this course are based on my experience working as an executive at a Fortune 100 company, visiting the world’s most customer-centric companies, and interviewing hundreds of business executives around the world.


3 hours of content broken up into short, easy-to-follow bites
5 modules (themes) broken up into 13 videos
5 assessments
5 downloadable worksheets
Tailor-made animations to help you understand the concepts and have fun
The course content transcribed in either audio and text format in addition to the videos
A certification of completion you can display on your LinkedIn profile, website or email signature
Frameworks you can immediately start to implement at your own organization

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