August 15, 2022

The Elite Attraction Mentorship Program By Giovanni Wan – Free Download Course High Integrity Skills


The Elite Attraction Mentorship Program By Giovanni Wan – Free Download Course High Integrity Skills

Your easiest path to Effortless Attraction with “Next-Level” Girls… with a “done-with-you” solution from me as your personal coach!

Included In the Mentorship Program:

#1 Total Immersion With Weekly Masterminds
Each week we will meet as a elite group to go over the Authentic Attraction Cycle and breakthrough all of your challenge points in your text, app messaging and in-person interactions.

#2 Virtual Practice Dates With In-House Team Of High-Level Women
You’ll go on 3 virtual dates a month with really attractive girls and get real-time actionable feedback from both myself and the women you went on dates with. We will fix ALL the mistakes you’re making so you get hot dates consistently.

#3 Access to Seduce With Style, First Date Formula ($700 value)
Discover the 8 Style Attraction Triggers that women find irresistible and The “Comfortably Attractive” vibe in The First Date Formula. Normally worth over $700 if purchased separately.

#4 Las Vegas In Person Coaching Option [NOT INCLUDED]
Members of the Elite Attraction Mentorship can book live trainings with me live in Vegas at a ridiculously low rate of $197 an hour (minimum 3 hours) as long as you fly out to Las Vegas. (Other bootcamps cost $2000-5000).

#5 Direct Access with 24/7 messaging on WhatsApp [NOT INCLUDED]
Experience real-time feedback, encouragement and coaching via voicenotes, photos and text through WhatsApp. Whether you’re feeling approach anxiety, wondering about a text or an experience, message me right away and get timely responses.

#6 Weekly Text, Message and Voicenote Audit
Each week, we will go over your messages online and in text so I can breakdown the principles of “good message game” so you never get flakes again.

We can also review in-field audio and break down proper conversational flow.

#7 Social Media & Dating Profile Full Audit
I will review your dating profile, description and photos and help you get proper high level photos so you start getting matches from your swipes.

I will share the top and secret apps I’m using to get dates.

#8 Small Group Restriction and 2 Private Calls / Month (Priceless)
You will receive 1 on 1 attention from me and up to 2 private coaching calls a month from me ($400 value) as a member.

Your dating success becomes my only mission. Also included are First Date Formula & Dating Without Borders.

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