August 15, 2022

The Foundation By Hey U Human – Sara Longoria – Free Download Course

The Foundation By Hey U Human – Sara Longoria – Free Download Course + All Bonuses

Imagine finally getting the answers to all your life questions, understanding how it all works, and once and for all finally getting ALL THAT YOU WANT, more time, more money, more support…

designed to grow YOU in the fastest and easiest way possible, so your income, relationship, and everything else grows with you!

It’s the system upgrade your Human has been dying for! I mean we upgrade our phones from time to time…why not our humans

Become the truest U by building The Foundation, and giving your brain, body, and soul the upgrade they have been craving!

The Building Blocks of The Foundation

TAP INTO YOUR POWER and learn the missing pieces to co-create with the Universe. Yes, that’s right, you are the driver here!
16-MODULE SYSTEMATIC TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM to unlock the next levels of life and let go of everything holding you back.
WEEKLY LIVE Q&A COACHING CALLS to address your questions and help overcome any issues you may be having.
DAILY LIVE ACTIVATIONS to clear old energy and limiting beliefs and spur your engagement and connection.
EXCLUSIVE, MEMBERS-ONLY GROUP where you can ask questions 24/7 (for those 3 am epiphanies!).
ALL THE RESOURCES YOU NEED TO UP-LEVEL your life, heal your soul, and become the truest version of you (videos, workbooks, meditations, recordings).
ACCESS TO MY SIGNATURE SYSTEM that teaches you how to navigate the world in a different way and create magic and miracles at every turn.
VIP PRICING FOR 1:1 SESSIONS with our RRT Certified Practitioners. Book 1:1 client sessions for 50% off the regular
[BONUS] ACCESS TO OUR AFFILIATE PROGRAM to allow you an easy way to make money through referrals
[BONUS TRAINING – OVER $2,000 VALUE] up-level your training, development, and human experience with access to several other courses including: The Overflow ($97 value), The Shift ($111 value), The 1% ($111 value), High Vibe Money Makers Club ($397 value) , Chakra Healing Series ($97 value), The Wealth Trifecta ($97 value), Get It Done (no longer available for individual purchase), Energetic Infusions (no longer available for individual purchase), Energetic Standards Library (no longer available for individual purchase ), HEAL: Your Body (no longer available for individual purchase), The Pleasure Experiment (no longer available for individual purchase), and Energetic Archives (no longer available for individual purchase).
[BONUS ACCESS TO NEW TRAINING] as we run new mini-programs, any member inside The Foundation will receive complimentary access to the live training (and unrestricted access to replays)!
[GOOD FAITH MONEY BACK GUARANTEE] When you sign up for The Foundation Membership, we offer a Good Faith 30-day Money Back Guarantee. This is not your free trial. This means if you have done the work, asked the questions, and dove into the work and it doesn’t work for you, we’ll refund you your money. You can learn more about this right here.

The Power to create the life you want lies completely in U! But you’re missing some pieces…

The world has changed and is still rapidly changing, and what got us here, won’t get us where we want to go.
In order to create what you want in this changing world, you are going to need a NEW foundation, new tools, new understandings, and new techniques to create what you want.

The Foundation is the key. It is what you need to step into the new you, the new world, and be ahead of the game.

To understand and utilize things most don’t know about and begin creating exactly what you want once and for all.

At the end of the day, we do it differently in The Foundation. We don’t teach you hype around creating quick little wins and fast money, easy, feel-good motivation, and short-lived shifts that fizzle out a few weeks or months later.

We do the REAL work. The REAL human work. We teach you to know who you are, to love who you are, to accept who you are, and to connect with who you are. We show you how to build a foundation that is so solid ain’t nothing going to crack it.

We do it differently, and it works like nothing else we have seen before.

Our work should come with a disclaimer – Warning – Massive life shifts, magic, and miracles WILL OCCUR please proceed with the utmost intention and speed!

How The Foundation will work for you:
PHASE 1: The Clean Out
Most of us are trying to push self-love on top of the yuck that needs to get out. The Clean Out Phase identifies what’s holding you back and releases it in a systematic way that allows you to finally, once and for all LET GO — not just push it down into our bodies and try and ignore it, which is what most of us are doing. These first couple weeks will result in MASSIVE changes in your life.

You will IMMEDIATELY see the transformation. One of them usually being MORE MONEY magically showing up in your life!

PHASE 2: Targeted transformation
During these 4 weeks of Targeted Transformation, we will be working on specific areas of your life and doing a deep emotional and energetic cleansing.

You can expect to see
DEEP healing in your body
better sleep
Better SEX!!
Becoming unapologetically U!
No more people pleasing
Getting MORE of what you want – Money, Time, Energy

This will truly be 4 weeks of Magic.

PHASE 3: Connecting U to the Universe
Now that you’ve done the deep clean out, we will begin working on anchoring into what you desire to create. This final stage is about connecting to the universe to completely transform your life. You have done the work to transform the inside, so now you will watch the magic happen on the outside.

You will learn how to connect deeply with your inner wants, desires, and dreams so that you can CREATE your heart’s desires.

You will understand how to look at the world from an energetic perspective and finally connect to the universe in a way that makes you feel FREE and SAFE ALL THE TIME.

You will learn how to let in ALL the good and get into a vibration of receiving. You will learn how to lock this vibration in and what to do when you fall back out.

You will know what you want and what steps you need to take to create it.

In addition to the above, the foundation includes:
Access to the exclusive private support community.
Weekly group Q&A calls to ensure you are forging ahead.
A bonus that will literally transform your life and your earnings!


The Foundation Affiliate Program
Now that we have opened up your energy to receive more money and freedom, we’re also going to give you a blueprint to create more money! Our affiliate program will allow you to effortlessly make money and create an easy, flowy life!

Creating a synergy between your soul’s blueprint, your energy, and your beliefs so you can truly be U & create what you are meant to create.
Having the freedom and lifestyle you so badly desire and totally should have.
Becoming fully empowered and aligned in who U are and what you are meant to create.
No more listening to what you SHOULD be doing and forcing activities that you don’t have fun doing.
Creating a life that is easy, organic, and magnetic.
Feeling completely satisfied and fulfilled because your inner soul is experiencing the life you were meant for!
Experiencing more freedom, more passion & deeper life fulfillment.
Being surrounded and supported by powerful and loving people on the same life-changing journey as you.
Creating more freedom, experiencing more pleasure & spending more time doing the things you love.
Bottom-line: The Foundation has been designed to kickstart the life experience you came here to create, drop you into your power, remind you of who you are meant to be and give you all the tools and understandings you need to get everything you want .
It’s the answer you’ve been looking for, period.

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