August 15, 2022

The Instagram DM Automation Playbook By School Of Bots – Free Download Course


The Instagram DM Automation Playbook By School Of Bots – Free Download Course By Natasha Takahashi

Get access to proven methods using 100% Facebook-approved automation to generate more leads, convert more followers, and reduce support overwhelm on Instagram.

School of Bots is the leading training resource for creating successful chatbots.

Since 2016, we’ve built and managed chatbot marketing systems for industry leaders including ClickFunnels, Mindvalley, Russell Brunson, Billy Gene Is Marketing, DigitalMarketer, Social Media Examiner, Matthew Hussey, and more.

Along the way, we developed the most comprehensive training resources for creating revenue-generating chatbot campaigns and have trained over 10,000 marketers, agencies, and business teams.

Our mission is to accelerate the growth of chatbot marketing and positive consumer behavior around the tech.

The leading chat platform ManyChat frequently hires us to consult, train their customers, and build chatbot campaigns. Facebook has also hired us to teach their highest spending partners how to create revenue-generating chatbots.

The IG DM Automation Playbook is a 50+ lesson online course taught by School of Bots Co-Founder and Chatbot Marketing Expert Natasha Takahashi.

This program is designed to be easy to follow, and quick to implement.

It uses automation tools that are 100% Facebook-and-Instagram-approved.

You’ll be able to go through it at your own pace, and revisit the content as many times as you need to.

Because this training doubles as internal documentation for our agency team, we regularly update its contents to keep it up to date.


Module 1: Instagram DM Automation Introduction
– In this first module we’ll dive into how to get the most out of the playbook so nothing is left behind.

You’ll learn how Instagram Automation fits into an Omni-channel marketing system and who on the team should manage this new channel.

You’ll get our Instagram Profile and Settings checklist and Agency Cheat sheet so you can hit the ground running and serve clients with this. And we’ll talk about Facebook’s long term vision with Instagram DM Automation and Interoperability.
Module 2: How To Design Your Instagram DM Strategy (or System)
– In this module, we’re covering our DM Domination System (DMDS).

This is our IG specific foundational system we use with our clients to ensure revenue generation in the first month of working with them. We’ll also go over our MSS Framework: Marketing Sales Support.
Module 3: Our Best Processes For Building Instagram DM Automation in ManyChat
– We get asked all the time why we use Manychat.

The answer is simple: it’s the best chatbot platform for marketers to produce results with.

In this module, you’ll find out exactly how we use ManyChat’s features and the fundamental processes that we’ve developed to create the best campaigns possible.
Module 4: Launching, Optimizing, and Scaling a New Instagram DM Funnel
– In this module we’ll be giving you our checklists for launching, scaling, and monitoring your funnels.
Module 5: How To Drive Organic Traffic To Your DM Funnels
– Let’s dive into organic traffic and how to start more conversations with users.

In this section we’ll cover all of our best practices for growth tools and bringing traffic to your DMs.
Module 6: How To Drive Paid Traffic To Your DM Funnels
– Organic traffic is sexy but let’s talk paid traffic where you can scale predictably.

In this module we’ll discuss Story Ads, Post ads with comment to DM, Feed Ads with DM prompt, and more.
Module 7: Copywriting & Message Formatting for Instagram DM
– Copywriting is an absolutely crucial part of good chat marketing.

In this module we discuss our best practices for creating copy that converts inside a conversation.

We’re going to share our frameworks like The 6 Laws of Chatbot Marketing, The 7 Deadly Diseases of Chatbot Marketing, and even show you how to take an email and turn it into copy that works inside a DM.
Module 8: Reporting & Tracking for IG DM Funnels
– In marketing, tracking proper data is always a top priority.

Knowing how the bot is performing is critical in the optimization process. In this module we’ll share how we measure bot ROI and tracking.
Module 9: Integrations With Your Digital Ecosystem
– Having automations set up is awesome. But connecting this new channel to the rest of your digital marketing ecosystem is an easy way to take your results to the next level.

In this module we’ll discuss Integromat, Zapier, and other types of integrations. You’ll learn how to leverage these platforms to increase the results you can produce and the value your automations add to any business.
Module 10: 🏆 The Prime and Convert Formula for DM’s
– In this module we’re covering one of our most effective strategies for producing results inside IG DM.

This is a formula that uses proven psychology to start a conversation and create a customer. We’ll walk you through how to set it up as well as provide you with templates to hit the ground running.

You’ll use this initially for driving traffic from Stories to DM.
Module 11: Post to DM Funnel Framework
– In this section we’ll be going over the Post to DM Funnel.
Module 12: Bio to DM Funnel Framework
– In this section we’ll be going over the Instagram Profile Bio to DM Funnel.
Module 13: Reel to DM Funnel Framework
– In this section we’ll be going over the Reel to DM Funnel.
Module 14: Guide to DM Funnel Framework
– In this section we’ll be going over the Guide to DM Funnel.
Module 15: Story Highlights to DM Funnel Framework
– In this section we’ll be going over the Story Highlights to DM Funnel.
Module 16: Growth Hacks
– We’ll break down any additional growth hacks, tips, and tricks in this module.
Module 17: Build Your DM Support and Sales Live Chat System
– Your messaging automation should be able to handle the majority of conversations entirely on its own.

But, sometimes a human needs to come in and provide live support for customers that need a little extra help.

In this section we’ll show you how to map out your live chat system, training the support and sales teams to use ManyChat live chat, and share our live chat messaging guidelines.

Module 18: Your Next Steps, and Get Your Training Completion Badge
– Congratulations! You’re almost done with the program. Let’s talk about what’s next and help you get your completion badge.

🎁 Bonuses Included When You Join Today
Bonus #1:
The DM Domination System™, and The Prime and Convert Formula For DMs™
Get access to two of our most powerful frameworks for generating revenue and leads fast on Instagram.

Bonus #2:
10+ Plug-and-Play Instagram DM Automation Templates
These templates designed for specific use cases and business models (e-comm, infocommerce, lead gen, storefront, and more) contain all of the Insta DM Automation methods that Natasha teaches throughout the course to get you started fast.

Bonus #3:
School of Bots Instagram DM Automation Playbook Badge of Completion
You’ll have the opportunity to take the Final Assessment at the end of the course to qualify for this Badge so prospects know you’re trained to get them results.

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