July 3, 2022

The Plan By Dan Hollings – Rapid Crush – Free Download Course


The Plan By Dan Hollings – Rapid Crush – Free Download Course

Dan Hollings will launch The Plan official course later in 2021. Due to high demand for his coaching on the methodologies of The Plan, he has decided to allow a limited number of students to participate in the full BETA version of the course. You will get all the future updates as well for free! When he releases the finished course, although we cannot promise if and when that will happen, you will also get access to the completed course!

Here’s What You Get In ‘The Plan:

A safer, simpler, faster, and funner way to profit from crypto.
10X typical bank deposit rates, in fact 20X and 50X returns are not unusual.
Forget about the UPS and DOWNS of the market… this works regardless of market direction… which means you are NOT trying to time the market to buy low and sell high!
No trading, no watching charts, no risky schemes, no sleepless nights.
Minimal set-up with an automated system requiring virtually no maintenance.
Forget about scary bungee-cord “jump and pray” strategies… “THE PLAN” is an automated rules-based methodology, crash tested and with a vibrant 100% “happy member” track record.
A personalized fast-start into the future of finance, currencies, and business… made easy, lucrative, and fun.
All training sessions are recorded and you will get access to the recordings, along with other training materials in a private members area.

Do I need any crypto experience to do this?
Absolutely not! In fact, the first session will teach you all the basics you need to know… and you don’t need to know much because The Plan is not about teaching you the ins and outs of crypto. The Plan will teach you how to profit from crypto without having to go deep into it!


Yes, this sounds “too good to be true” – that’s what every single person says at first. But, we now have a legion of members (all of them in fact) that clearly prove otherwise.


You may cower away at first, only to remain trapped in the old world of money… with low bank rates, arduous loans, locks, credit checks, deflation and… let’s call it what it is… CENTRALIZATION. Yet, there is a new world out there, powered by the greatest technological advance of our times: the blockchain -AND- DECENTRALIZATION is knocking on your door.


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