August 15, 2022

The SaaS Metrics Foundation Course by Ben Murray – Free Download – The SaaS Academy


The SaaS Metrics Foundation Course by Ben Murray – Free Download – The SaaS Academy

Boost your knowledge, career, and business!

Improve your understanding of key SaaS concepts. Then implement these key concepts in your SaaS business to improve operational and financial transparency. I am excited to pass on my on-the-job experience as a SaaS CFO.

What You’ll Learn
My Foundation courses cover the fundamentals of SaaS metrics. You will learn the definitions, formulas, detailed calculations, tips and tricks. Each video module includes includes the what, why and how of each metric. Understanding the economics of your business is critical to proactive decision making and SaaS financial management.

Sales Efficiency Metrics
Key efficiency metrics such as the Cost of ARR, The SaaS Magic Number, and The SaaS Quick Ratio.

Customer Acquisition Costs
A “must have” metric. Key considerations, inputs, and formula. How is CAC like debt?

CAC Payback Period
How long is your CAC cash tied up? Learn all about payback periods and the Net ARR Payback Period.

Customer Lifetime Value
So many different ways to calculate LTV. Learn about each one and which one you should use in your business.

Churn is a SaaS killer. Learn the different ways to calculate churn including a great dashboard download.

Retention must be tracked weekly and monthly. Learn the different ways to calculate gross and net retention. Dollars and logos.

SaaS Metrics Template
My Excel template will jump start learning and can be used immediately in your SaaS business.

Cohort Anaysis
Understand how to segment your customers by cohorts.

“Messy” P&L
Learn how to transform a “messy” P&L to a SaaS metrics friendly P&L.

Upsell & Renewal Rate
There is much more to measuring churn. Renewal rate is key to understanding cohort retention.

Operating Leverage
Understand the trade off between growth and profit. Plus the important Rule of 40 metric.

Coaching Call
Complete The SaaS Metrics Foundation, and I’ll include a complimentary SaaS coaching call.

What you’ll get:

Deep dive into 15+ SaaS Metrics
Lesson Notes
Pre-built SaaS Metrics template
30+ templates and models
The SaaS concepts to better manage your business!
365 days of course access and any additions

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