July 3, 2022

The Science Of Nutrition By Layne Norton – Free Download Course


The Science Of Nutrition By Layne Norton – Free Download Course – The Clean Health Fitness Institute

The No 1 Online Evidence Based Nutrition Certification program for personal trainers and fitness professionals!

this course includes:
7 Modules
70+ Lessons
On Demand Video Lessons
Downloadable Templates
100% Online Exams
Who is it for
1. Are you looking to learn a trialled, tested and evidence based nutrition course that will teach you how to create effective and results driven diets for clients from all walks of life?

2. Are you looking to learn how to coach nutrition for fat loss, hypertrophy and body composition results with all clients, from general population to elite athletes?

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The Science of Nutrition was designed to give you a scientifically grounded, step by step process you can use to take a client from the initial consultation all the way through to a life changing, internal and external transformation. You will learn how to make your client healthy on the inside, whilst helping them achieve amazing fat loss or hypertrophy results on the outside!

Whether your client is obese and trying to lose fat, skinny and trying to build muscle, or they just want to refine their physique and training performance, this course will give you all of the lifestyle, nutrition and training tools you need to truly change your client’s life and build a reputation as a world leading personal trainer & coach!

Course Curriculum
With over 70 lessons spread out over 7 action-packed modules based on over 200 peer reviewed studies, our interactive and engaging online learning portal was designed to make your student education experience as results driven as possible, whilst still being fun!

The modules covered in TSN are as follows:

Module 1: Macronutrient Fundamentals (TSN1)

Module 2: Understanding Energy Balance (TSN2)

Module 3: The Science of Fat Loss (TSN3)

Module 4: The Problem with Weight Loss (TSN4)

Module 5: The Science of Reverse Dieting (TSN5)

Module 6: Changing Behaviour (TSN6)

Module 7: The Fundamentals of Supplementation (TSN7)

Combined, these modules will truly take your skillset as a personal trainer to new heights, allowing you to make a lifelong change and positive impact on your clients’ fat loss, hypertrophy, and overall wellness results!

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