July 3, 2022

The Simplest Biz 2.0 Course – Free Download Middle Man Money Maker


The Simplest Biz 2.0 Course – Free Download Middle Man Money Maker

The Simplest Biz 2.0 Course contains 13 training modules with learning sessions containing videos,
images, examples, PDFs, out in the field training, etc.

Everything that you need to know to create financial freedom in this biz is included!

1: Introduction – 5 learning sessions
Pallets? Who knew?? Walk through a day in this biz in the life of pallets with this
introduction into The Simplest Biz 2.0.
2: Supplies – 4 learning sessions
So, how do I get this party started? We will go over what supplies you will need to
start this business.
3: Scouting – 3 learning sessions
Get your ‘pallet eyes’ open and focused, these are the Scouting Techniques that
you will use from home as well as in the field
4: Fundamentals – 6 learning sessions
Walk the walk and talk the talk. Learn the pallet business lingo. Sizes, styles, and
5: The List – 5 learning sessions
Learn how to scout like a pro using the information provided within the course.
6: Birdseye View – 4 learning sessions
Without the proper tools, success takes longer to achieve. Here, we will show you
how to efficiently find your inventory and your buyers.
7: Pricing – 4 learning sessions
Learning how to price your products effectively will bring profit faster. Learn The
Simplest Biz 2.0 pricing strategy for the products
8: Pro Tips – 6 learning sessions
The best way to avoid making mistakes is to listen to the ones that have made
them. Here are fast action tips that I have learned over the 21 years in this
9: Additional Revenue – 7 learning sessions
How to expand your offerings and become a one stop shop for your customers
bringing more money to your bottom line.
10: Sales Speak – 13 learning sessions
Now that you have other products to sell, you need to learn how to sell them. We
cover the sales training on adding additional products to your offerings for
11: Safety – 4 learning sessions
Being safe is very important in this biz. Learn how to properly transport Pallets,
Crates, Drums, etc. safely and efficiently.
12: Inspiration – 5 learning sessions
Get the juices flowing and get your game face on! It is time to get busy.
Inspiration from Grant Cardone, Tony Robbins, Michael Jordan, and John.
13: Management – 14 learning sessions
Now that you are making the money, you need to know how to run the backside of this business with Quickbooks.

VIP ~ BROKERING – 6 learning sessions
Only for the ‘paid in full’ members of the group. Learn how to take your business to the passive income level!

In addition to the training modules, you will also have access to the following:

• File Cabinet – printable docs that you can take into the field with you.
• Private Facebook Support Group – this is the mastermind support group that allows you access to other students that are in the field working this business every single day. Tips & tricks are shared freely among the ‘family’.
• Additional Training Videos – there are additional training videos and real-world scenarios inside the Facebook Mastermind Support Group
• The Simplest Biz Store – done-for-you scouting, websites, and more are available at an additional cost, should you need them

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