July 3, 2022

The Voiceover Beard Online Courses – Free Download


The Voiceover Beard Online Courses – Free Download

SMASH Into The Voiceover Industry Right Now! Get The Secret Strategies To Save You 3 Years Of Unnecessary Struggling!*

The Strategies That Get You BOOKED. From The Man Who Brought Content Marketing To The Voiceover World!

What You’re Getting: ($5000+ Value)

NEW MODULE: Voiceover & Travel

Learn to record broadcast quality Voiceovers in a hotel room on an iPad or iPhone on vacation! 🏖

Tiny-sized travel rigs, acoustics, and software you’ve never heard of… Only here.

NEW FEATURE: Group VO Workouts

We now regularly gather as a group and do practice reads, critiques and business strategy reviews live on Zoom!

Ask questions, practice your technique and get instant feedback from our assistant coach, Jonny, and other members. Join us!

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