July 3, 2022

The Walker Way By David Walker – Free Download Course – Affiliate Marketing Method


The Walker Way By David Walker – Free Download Course Method

Tap Into The Thousands Of Proven Buyers Hidden In Plain Sight On Social Media And EXPLODE Your Affiliate Commissions!

Promote any product, service or opportunity you desire organically… no paid ads required!

Attract unlimited BUYER leads… READY with credit card in hand!
Works great for BEGINNERS and EXPERIENCED marketers alike!
DOMINATE any affiliate offer like a pro… TOP the leaderboards!
Successful ORGANIC marketing… without the BURNOUT!
NEVER pay for traffic ever again… enjoy ZERO advertising costs!
MONEY BACK guarantee if not 100% completely satisfied!

Discover How YOU Can Become An Attractive Affiliate Using ONLY Organic Social Media Traffic… And Avoid the BURN OUT Which Forces Broke, Failed Affiliate Marketers to QUIT!

My Simple L.A.D. Method

My students and I follow these three easy steps to generate unlimited, free targeted leads and sales via social media… and now you can too!
Step One: LOCATE
If you’re pumping out a ton of “great content” but are not getting a steady stream of incoming leads and sales, it may not be your posts that’s the problem…

It could be your audience.

Chances are, you’re putting your content in front of the wrong people.

My approach is to only target proven buyers.

It makes sense, right?

Why waste your time on unqualified freebie seekers or day one newbies who need hours of explanations…

Only to finally decide your offer is too “expensive”, “risky” or “not right for them at the moment?”

Give me a proven buyer any day of the week.

I’ll show you exactly where to find thousands of them!


With a higher quality audience at your disposal, your next job is to position yourself as an “attractive affiliate”…

And you do that through your content.

But, make sure you don’t fall into the “value trap”.

Many failed affiliates churn out thousands of meaningless words each week, burn out after a few months having not made any money and disappear.

I don’t have this problem…

Neither do my students.

I have six “go to” types of content I’ll share which builds rapport, curiosity and keeps the leads flowing in!

Step Three: DEAL
A lot of affiliates lose the sale in the Messenger.


They go into the chat all guns blazing, copying-and-pasting walls of spammy promotional text.

Or, terrified of sales, they dance around the subject for so long they wind up in the “Messenger Friend Zone”…

Where, just like it’s romantic namesake, your now-lost prospect sees you only as somebody they can enjoy a comfortable, yet trivial, gossip with…

Rather than talk about what really matters.

Again, not something my students or I worry about…

When we follow my proven, six-step chat flow which moves the conversation along quickly and positions your solution as the answer to their problems!

Put These Three Steps Into Practice And…
Become Successful In Any Industry!
Make more affiliate sales in any of these popular industries on social media:
Internet Marketing & Product Launches
High Ticket Affiliate Marketing
Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrency
Health & Wellness
Cannabidiol (CBD)

Network Marketing & MLM
Coaching & Consultancy
Forex & Other Trading
Weight Loss
Matched Betting & Sports Trading
Credit Repair
And anything else you can think of!

The Walker Way Is The Number One Attraction Marketing Method Which Transforms Struggling Marketers Into Attractive Affiliates. Target And Convert An Unlimited Number Of Proven Buyers Without Spending A Penny On Advertising While Your Competitors Burn Out Using Outdated And Ineffective Organic Marketing Strategies!

Over 9.5 Hours of “Over My Shoulder” Video Training!
Suitable For Both New and More Experienced Marketers!
No Previous Experience Needed – Just Follow the Step-By-Step Instructions!
Promote Any Product, Opportunity Or Service To Hungry Buyers With Credit Card In Hand!
No More Getting Rejected By Time Wasters Or Prospects Who Have No Money!
Put A Stop To Needlessly Losing Sales in Messenger!

This Is What Makes The Walker Way – The Easiest Way To Succeed With Organic Marketing

You Get Everything You Need To Attract An Endless Supply of Hungry Buyers & Start Generating Life Changing Income Online…

Module 1: Base Builder (Value $197)
To become successful, you need to get things right from the start…

And that’s exactly what this module is all about!

Over the course of this 10 video training module, I’ll show you step-by-step how to set yourself up correctly from the get go and position yourself as a leader in your industry…

Even if you’re brand new!

You will learn…

Base Builder
The one simple thing you can do to instantly position yourself as a leader… but so many new and experienced marketers alike get this wrong with DISASTROUS consequences!
How to make an IMMEDIATE impact when somebody new lands on your page… first impressions count so you’ll want to get this right!
What makes a great cover photo… I reveal the biggest MISTAKE I made with mine so you can avoid doing the same!
How to EXPLOIT the most underused piece of Facebook real estate at your disposal… use this to your advantage while it’s criminally ignored by others!
What NOT to do when it comes to setting yourself up for success… watch me analyse FIVE marketer’s pages and reveal what they’re doing wrong!
Module 2: Buyer Boom (Value $497)
I am confident this module will be a game changer for you!

If you’re not currently making consistent organic sales, the chances are you’re wasting criminal amounts of time on freebie seekers, tire kickers and newbies who need every triviality of affiliate marketing explained to them in painstaking detail.

Instead, this eight video training module teaches you how to focus only on proven buyers who have an urgent problem which needs solving…

And who are more than willing to spend money to make it happen!

You will learn…

Buyer Boom
The SECRET SOURCE of fresh new buyers hiding in plain sight… updated daily so you will NEVER run out of eager, cash-ready leads you can target!
How to choose the JUCIEST incoming friend requests… like a brutal Tinder junkie hungry for their next hot date!
The ENDLESS source of qualified leads you should tap into every day… with the full blessing of Facebook!
The best way to ORGANISE your leads like a pro… so your content always appears in their feed – keeping you fresh in both their eyes and mind!
How to avoid wasting your time and energy on SCAM profiles… and only spend time on rock solid leads which need your help!
Module 3: CLOVER Content (Value $297)
Organic marketers either live or die by their content…

So it’s vital you get it right!

In this 11 video training module, I’ll share the six types of content I publish to keep the leads and sales flooding in!

This approach ensures you will never run out of new content ideas, spend less time on content creation and won’t suffer from burnout which affects 99% of failed affiliates who enter (and exit) this industry without making a single penny for their efforts!

You will learn…

Clover Content
How to create almost-palpable CURIOSITY in your content which is impossible to ignore… use this responsibly and prepare for the deluge of incoming leads!
The most effective way to share LIFESTYLE content to help your audience fall in love with you… plus, you don’t need to live an exciting, jet-set life to achieve this, either!
The real way to deliver true VALUE to your audience… and avoid falling into the “value trap” which leaves so many affiliates who quit the industry bewildered, burnt out and broke!
How to DAZZLE your audience with your results… even if you are not making any money yet!
The simple post which turns your content into an ATM… use this to make “cash on demand” any time you need it!
Module 4: Engagement Explosion (Value $197)
With your content ready the next step is to…

Make sure EVERYBODY sees it!

This eight video training module shows you the exact steps I follow every time I post a new piece of content, before and after, to FLOOD it with engagement!

The more people who see and engage with your content…

The more people you have the opportunity to talk to about your products, opportunities and services!

You will learn…

Engagement Explosion
How to format your post so it POPS… and attract as much engagement as possible!
The key action to perform within the first 5 to 10 minutes of your post going live… skip this and MISS OUT on a ton of extra engagement!
How to REPEATEDLY put your content in front of your friends eyeballs… this demands their attention and practically forces them to engage with you!
How to SEMI-AUTOMATE the process of leaving relevant, high quality comments on your friends posts… there won’t be a “Good Morning” or a “Happy Tuesday” in sight!
How to AVOID the dreaded “Facebook Jail” where you cannot react or comment… halting your lead generation efforts for up to 30 days at a time!
Module 5: Messenger Master (Value $497)
The Messenger is where the money is made or lost…

And if you’re reading this page, the chances are you’re losing more sales than you’re closing!

So, in this seven video training module, I share my proven six-step chat framework…

Which moves the conversation along quickly, identifies problems and enables you to position your program as the ideal solution!

You will learn…

Messenger Master
The EXACT phrase to use to switch a friendly chat to getting down to business as soon as possible… so you don’t end up stuck in the dreaded “Messenger Friend Zone!”
The questions which uncover deep, emotional reasons marketers have for wanting success… your prospect will CONFIDE in you like a lifelong, trusted friend and see you as a solution to their problems!
How to AVOID wasting time and energy on struggling marketers who don’t want your help… even if they desperately need it!
What positions your program or opportunity as a unique, “NO BRAINER” in the eyes of your prospect… even if hundreds of other affiliates have pitched it to them before!
The steps which make purchasing seem like the logical next step for your customer… and what to do if they don’t, or even worse, GHOST YOU!
Module 6: Super Stories (Value $197)
Stories are massive on social media platforms and are only going to be given greater focus as time goes on…

So it’s vital you use them them!

In this five video training module, I’ll show you how to take full advantage of the story feature…

And how you can use it to build relationships, generate leads and make sales!

You will learn…

Super Stories
How I use stories to showcase my “BEST OF THE REST” content… and how you can do this effectively too!
The best way to celebrate your FUN SIDE (yes, we all have one!)… but not at the expense of your more “serious”, main content.
Why your audience will lap up any “BEHIND THE SCENES” glimpse into your life you give them… no matter how ordinary or mundane!
The “INSTA THIEF” strategy which provides perfect story content… in a never ending supply!
What content ANNOYS your audience when posted to your page… but they cannot get enough of when it’s featured in your stories!
I’ll Tell You What Tasks To Complete Each Day…
DMO – Daily Method of Operation (Value $197)
What I don’t want to happen is you complete the training, full of enthusiasm and motivation and then think…

Now what?

So, I’ve put together a Daily Method of Operation (DMO) which outlines the specific tasks you need to perform each day, in the order you should complete them and even how long to spend on each one!

You will learn…

The NUMBER ONE task you should complete every day without fail… everything else is a total waste of time if you do not do this!
An often OVERLOOKED task which takes just minutes each day… but can cost you thousands of dollars in lost commissions if you skip it!
The daily task which is the real LIFEBLOOD of your business… miss this and your leads and sales will dry up faster than a puddle in the desert at midday!
How to create rapport-building, lead-generating daily content EFFORTLESSLY… even when you have no time, your mind goes blank or you simply just don’t feel like it!
How to avoid falling into the ENGAGEMENT ABYSS… so you don’t waste hours each week on a time-sucking activity which doesn’t make money!
And, I’ll Reveal Exactly Where Thousands of Proven Buyers Hang Out…
Proven Buyer Groups Vault (Value $197)
Even though I cover how to find proven buyers in my Buyer Boom training module…

I want to make it even easier for you!

Therefore, I’ve included a vault of specific Buyer Groups you can visit daily to add new leads…

And I’ll even keep it updated for you so you’ll never run out of highly targeted, proven buyers again!

You will be able to…

Buyer Groups
Access the FB groups of the hottest, biggest selling products in the affiliate marketing industry… and tap into their ENTIRE BUYER’S LIST for just a few dollars!
Quickly discover what problems these proven buyers still have, despite purchasing these products… and be in a PRIME POSITION to offer your own as a solution!
Save hours and hours of frustration and dead ends each month searching for proven buyer leads… they’re all RIGHT HERE and I’ll add new sources as and when I find them!

Plus, Get $394 In Bonus Training For Free!

I want you to have EVERY trick in the book I use to make daily, organic sales!

BONUS 1: Hit ‘N’ Run Profits (Value $197)
In this special bonus training module, I reveal a super simple strategy to make money on demand!

The first time I tested it, I made $200. The second time I used it with full confidence and made $600 in a matter of minutes!

Use this exact strategy over and over again to generate cash flow for your business and also demonstrate genuine authority and credibility in your industry!

You will learn…

Hit N Run
How I made $600 in minutes… copy my EXACT offer and posts to pop sales at will whenever you need to!
How to generate real SCARCITY among your customers… they will hit the ‘refresh’ button like starving maniacs until your offer goes live!
The simple REMINDER strategy I use on my hottest leads… which ensures my offer sells out within minutes!
The SECRET website I’ve used for the past decade to download premium info products legally… all for free!
How to GATECRASH leaderboards in your program… it’s the strategy your favourite “$1k a day” marketer doesn’t want you to know!
BONUS 2: RAISE Your Messenger Game (Value $197)
You can never have too much Messenger training…

Knowing what to say and when to say is the difference between making a sale and losing one!

In this six video bonus training module I’ll show you how to DOMINATE the Messenger by giving you the EXACT conversations to have to make sales like a pro…

Even if you’re brand new to marketing and have never sold before!

You will learn…

Raise Messenger
How to close a brand new lead in just FIVE STEPS… rocket to the top of your company’s leaderboard!
The VITAL component you need to get every new relationship off to the best start… miss this and you’re dead in the water before you even begin!
How to become a master of SMALL TALK in seconds… and how to steer the conversation to business with the finesse of a talk radio host!
The MINDSET HACK to determine whether somebody is the right fit for you… never chase unsuitable prospects or waste time on dead leads ever again!
The line you can use OVER AND OVER again to close a sale… and what to do next if your prospect says “no”!

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