August 15, 2022

The Winning Offer Pre-Order Method By Western Mastery – Free Download Course


The Winning Offer Pre-Order Method By Western Mastery – Free Download Course

Have you ever spent months working on a product…just to make ZERO sales when it was released?

Have you ever made a product that absolutely sucks cock, and everyone knows it?

Or are you just unsure of how you can monetize your online following right now?

I introduce to you…the Winning Offer Pre-Order Method.

This is a laughably simple 4 step system that will teach you how to do the winning market research required to make your profitable as fuck course, eBook, or coaching offer – AND get paid for it before you even make it.

It’s so laughably easy that I chuckle every time I think of all the dorks on Twitter not using it.

Lmao, dorks. AHAHAHAHAHA!

After I teach it to you, you’re gonna laugh too, both at yourself for not knowing about it earlier, plus all the dorks out there who will still waste months of time and never make a profitable product.

And of course, after you do the market research, you’ll learn how to actually put the product or service together based on what your customers want to SEE in it.

This is not a time consuming 10 hour video course or anything like that.

This takes you about 1-2 hours max, then you’ll be able to take this method to the bank forever. You could literally learn it and use it to get paid TODAY if you have an audience that knows you for a useful skill or service.

Instead of wasting weeks, months, possibly even years creating products nobody wants, you’ll learn how to charge UP FRONT and test proof of concept immediately.

I teach this to all my clients in my List Money Multiplier program, I’ve used it myself to make $8000 in just a few days to put together that same group, I’ve used it for my own eBook and I use it for coaching clients to successfully SLAY their offer creation.

Including one client, @CoachJoeHart now making $40k+/month.

(And obviously I’m using it for this course too lol, why wouldn’t I?)

Sound good?

Of course!

Press “I want this!” to pre-order this fucking thing already so I can start making it.

If it gets at least 20 pre-orders, you’ll have the method fully complete in a week or two.


How do I know I’d benefit from this course?

This course is for you if you want to make money for a skill or service online – period. Even if you have just a few hundred online followers, subscribers, or anything who know you for what you know how to do, you want to use this method.

How long does it take to create a product?

This is totally up to you depending on what you’re creating and the work you put in. That said, I will teach you how to sell a profitable product you can put out in a week or less.

What type of product or service can this be used for?

Literally anything – coaching, consulting, challenge groups, online courses, eBooks, etc. It works for physical products as well – although this course does not go into pre-ordering for a physical product.

What if nobody buys my offer?

Then you don’t make it, lol. But at least you didn’t waste months on something that doesn’t get a single sale. That said, I’m going to teach you how to do this in a way that makes you successful immediately.

Does this work for YouTube, an email list, etc?

Absolutely, yes. You can use this no matter where your audience is from.

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