July 3, 2022

THINK Multifamily Apartment Investing Blueprint – Free Download Course


THINK Multifamily Apartment Investing Blueprint – Free Download Course By Mark & Tamiel Kenney

Set Yourself Up For Success With The Apartment Investing Blueprint

The Apartment Investing Blueprint is a comprehensive plan that is designed to make you a master of multifamily real estate.

Think MultiFamily wants to make it easy to get started investing in apartment buildings.

Be prepared to learn and dig into a full submersion, 14-module course that leaves no stone unturned or question unanswered.

Featuring a detailed curriculum that lays out the step-by-step process of multifamily real estate investing, you’ll acquire the critical skills needed to investing with confidence.

The Apartment Investing Blueprint will teach you the nuances of multifamily real estate and enable you to enjoy steady streams of passive income.

Enroll in the Apartment Investing Blueprint and start securing the deals that are going to make the difference in your life.


Finding Deals
Analyzing Deals
Raising Capital
Submitting LOIs
​Legal Documents
From industry insights to best practices to trouble shooting and beyond… See the big picture of the business and set yourself up for success.


Access to the Quick & Dirty Deal Analyzer Tool
Vet a deal in 2 Minutes! Don’t waste time completing a full analysis for deals that do not meet your criteria. Instead, the Quick & Dirty Analyzer will help you quickly & easily weed through deals and determine which ones require further analysis.

You get a FREE one-year subscription to the tool when you sign up for the class.
$997 Value

Access to the Property Tour Tool
This tool includes the most comprehensive list of what to look for on a property tour and what questions to ask while on the tour. You can take pictures and store notes for each question. The tool runs on a computer or your smartphone.
$997 Value
Access to the
Detailed Deal Analyzer Tool
This is the same tool we use to analyze our own deals. We have developed an analyzer that is the perfect balance of being easy to use, yet extremely robust. We have enhanced our analyzer to account for many key attributes that we have not seen in any other analyzer tool.

You get to KEEP this tool when you sign up for the class.
$997 Value

Apartment Investing Training Material & Videos
Videos for each of the 14 critical steps that go into great detail. They provide the content without the fluff and real world examples are used. In addition to the videos, additional supporting items such as templates and checklists are included. There are also bonus Q&As.
$7,000 Value

Think Multifamily is a leading Multifamily Acquisition and Education Company focused on building a community of learners, givers, and expert operators.

Founded by husband and wife team Mark and Tamiel Kenney, Think MultiFamily is the definitive resource for all things multifamily real estate and apartment investing.

With a business model that is centered on Servant Leadership, Think MultiFamily aims to uphold Humility, Authenticity, Transparency, and Integrity at the forefront of all operations.

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