July 3, 2022

Train My Social Media Manager By Laura Palladino – Free Download Course


Train My Social Media Manager By Laura Palladino – Free Download Course

Join Laura Palladino in Smart Marketer’s newest hands-on mentorship and learn how to:

Create and amplify engaging social content to build a loyal fanbase and turn your business into a brand.

In this live, 14-week course you’ll get a step-by-step process for planning, producing and monetizing content that grows your audience and generates sales.

You might be wondering, “Is social media still relevant to a modern digital brand?”

Social isn’t just relevant; it’s probably the most important part of a sustainable marketing strategy, and it’s usually the missing piece of the puzzle for brands that have plateaued and want to reach the next stage of growth.

A solid social strategy will help you:

Make Facebook your friend.
Did you know social sites don’t like you taking users off their platforms? That’s why they make it so hard to scale those ad-to-offer campaigns you run to cold traffic. So instead, use our Engage & Filter Method to segment your fans with content (which social sites love) then monetize them with offers. That’s how we dropped our CPA by 50% and got millions of free impressions.

Stand out from the competition.
The more crowded the marketplace gets, the harder it becomes to offer a product or service that’s truly unique. Most competitors can match you on price, shipping and features, but if you use content to establish your authority in the marketplace and build a community of loyal fans — like BOOM!’s 355,000 Facebook fans and 700,000-person email list — that’s something they can’t copy.

Future-proof your brand.
A brand without content is just a “business”, and a business can stop working at any time: they have no way to get repeat purchases or grow a customer base, making them vulnerable to platform updates and algorithm changes. A real “brand” has a strong email list, authority in their market, and a community of loyal fans who buy their products again and again. This makes them practically bulletproof to changes in the marketplace. That’s how BOOM! has been able to grow steadily year over year, from $2-$40 in 5 years.

Supercharge every part of your marketing.
The results of good social marketing don’t stop at your Facebook page or YouTube channel; it helps every part of your business including your ads, emails and website. These all rely on a stream of fresh content, and a good social strategy produces those for you. Not only did BOOM!’s social generate $2.4 million in directly attributable sales, it also provided the content for our most profitable ad and email campaigns – worth another $5.1 million!

But to do any of this, you have to consistently create content that engages your audience. Then you need a process for turning all those likes, shares and retweets into real dollars for your brand.

Unfortunately, most businesses don’t know what to make, how to make it, or the best way to leverage the content after it’s been created.

That’s where the ICOSA Framework comes in: it’s a system that gives any team a reliable way to create an unlimited amount of content that drives engagement and generates loyal customers.

A 14-week mentorship program that teaches anyone how to run social media marketing at a high level.

TMSMM combines 14 weeks of in-depth strategy sessions and live Q&A calls, a resource library of “how-to” worksheets and fill-in-the-blank templates, and a team of 7 expert coaches to give you individual feedback whenever you need it.

There’s never been a better course to learn the complete skillset of a professional social media manager.

How This Mentorship Will Help You Succeed
Your Instructor – Laura Palladino is an educator at Smart Marketer and theSocial Media Director of a $42 million per year brand. You’re in great hands!
7 Expert Coaches – To give you more individual attention and guidance, we added a team of pro social media marketers to answer your questions and give you feedback.
3-month Curriculum – Expect 6 hours of training and out-of-class implementation sessions each week, including hands-on instruction, one-on-one coaching and weekly action items to hold you accountable and help you reach your goals.
How-to Videos – Detailed implementation tutorials to help you create, launch and manage high-performing social media campaigns.
Resource Library – Fill-in-the blank worksheets, templates and calendars to guide you through every module and milestone. These are the same resources Laura uses on a daily basis.
Q&A Sessions – Each week, get answers to your questions and expert feedback on your work to accelerate your progress.
Private Facebook Group – Get support from your peers, and reach out to our TMSMM Coaches anytime you have a question. [NOT INCLUDED]
Limited Class Size – All media buyers are different; that’s why we limit the number of students so we can give you what you need to succeed in this program.
PLUS Lifetime Membership* – As a member of the TMSMM Mentorship, your team gets lifetime access to recordings of every future semester along with new course updates, worksheets & bonus trainings ($1,497 value).

Bonus ($788 value)

Course Curriculum

Over 14 weeks you will learn how to implement my 5-step I.C.O.S.A. Social Framework for growing any brand with social media — whether you’re an 8-figure brand or building a team from scratch.

Each session mixes strategy, implementation and feedback to give you a clear path to success on your social media journey.

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