July 3, 2022

Vending University By The Vending Mentors – Free Download Course By Barry & Lory


Vending University By The Vending Mentors – Free Download Course By Barry & Lory

One-Stop Shop For Your Business:

Vending Machines: Get our discounted, high-quality vending machines
Locations: Access to our locators to find locations for your machines OR scripts & tutorials if you want to find your own
​Online Courses: Step by step courses to learn everything we did to reach $500,000 per year in sales with our vending business
Personal Mentorship: Unlimited calls/ texts/ emails with us to use our 30 years of experience to ask any questions and get help


“I was able to place my machines at 3 locations in the first month”
I have to be honest, although I felt eager and confident going out and starting this new business venture, I was a bit nervous. After I finished the Vending University, I felt that I needed more guidance to be able to apply what I had learned. I then joined the Mentorship Program, and in my first month, I was able to place my machines at 3 locations! And the next month, at 2 more locations! Getting into this program was the best investment I’ve ever made. Thanks, Barry and Lory, for all of your guidance! I would not have the level of success without you!

– Gibrill Betts

“The text, email, and phone support have been invaluable to me”
I wanted to take a moment to thank you both for the Vending University Mentorship Program. Although I foolishly purchased an existing vending business without being aware of additional resources, you have really been able to help me relax and find new ways to become confident about being a female in this profession. I appreciate your sense of humors and the way you tell your stories together and make simple tools seem fun. The text, email, and phone support have been invaluable to me over the last few months when I find myself in a difficult jam. Sometimes I’ve been directly in front of a malfunctioning piece of equipment and Barry has walked me through getting it figured out, saving me a $75 service call for a repairman. I appreciate your vast knowledge and expertise and have recommended your program to so many others who are venturing to get into this crazy business!! Your referrals and your contact base is also current, and everyone has been very helpful so far. My only wish is that I would have found you sooner! Thanks for everything!!

– Jode Hyman

“By NOT joining a healthy vending company, you’ve saved me $32,703”
I went through all of the courses in the Vending University and really got a lot of great information. You two are very funny. Now I’m just putting the numbers together from all the research I’ve been doing to see if this type of business can scale up. I don’t want a job, I want a business. I decide to go ahead and sign up for your personal mentoring too. Don’t want to reinvent the wheel.

P.S. You’ve already saved me $32,703 by advising me not to sign up with a healthy vending company. Thanks so much!

– Mike Ash

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