July 3, 2022

Victory Sales Mastery By Steve Heroux – Free Download Course


Victory Sales Mastery By Steve Heroux – Free Download Course – Victory Selling

Transform your sales career. Increase your income. Experience lasting success without selling your soul.

Change Your Methods, Change Your Results

If you want different sales results, you need a different sales system. The Victory Sales Mastery course will introduce you to the Victory Selling System—a proven system of selling that helps you develop control of the entire sales process from start to finish.

Using the right systems can put you in the best position to win. If you’re ready to explore what the Victory Selling System can do for you, you’re in the right place. In what follows, you’ll learn:

Why have a selling system?
What is the Victory Selling System?
What are the nine steps that give you the best chance to make a sale?
Why use our system over anything else out there?

Why Have a Selling System?
There are dozens of systems and processes in the sales world and many of them have some merit. The reasons for using a system of selling are universal, and the value of using a selling system that leaves both parties (prospect and salesperson) happy and fulfilled is priceless.

In today’s economic climate which has changed drastically for the foreseeable future, we as sales professionals need to understand that the strategies, techniques, and processes that worked five years ago simply do not work today. Even things we used five months ago don’t have the same level of effectiveness as they once did.

Consumers today are savvy. They are thinkers, researchers, and value-seekers who are tired of being manipulated and looked at as the next “mark.” They want to be treated as equals, they want to have genuine conversations and they want to be allowed to make the decision of when and if to purchase from you—not forced to decide one way or the other.

We’ve taken into consideration the drastic changes we’ve all experienced in today’s business climate, we’ve studied the behaviors and wants of consumers in this very unique marketplace, and we’ve confirmed what strategies and processes work in professional selling today—not five years ago.

That’s why the Victory Selling System is so effective. We’ll teach you how to be more conscientious, more empathetic, more professional, more intuitive, and more successful than you’ve been in the past. We know what works, we know what doesn’t work, and we know what most salespeople are looking for.

This is a way to sell more effectively without being rude, pushy, and obnoxious, that will produce better results, happier clients, and sustainable success for years to come.

What is the Victory Selling System?
It’s a system of selling by which you develop control of the entire sales process from start to finish. Genuine control of the selling process isn’t about force, aggression, or manipulation. It’s about positioning, language, and science.

Our Process

Will allow you to know exactly where you are at all points in the selling process.
Will show you step-by-step how to position yourself for the best chance to make a sale.
Will show you that empowering your clients, not forcing them to make decisions, is the best way to sell in today’s current environment.
Using the right systems will allow you to put yourself in the best position to win. Whether it’s in business, cooking, sales, or whatever other aspect of your life, when you’re in control of the process from start to finish, you will succeed many more times than you fail.

Knowing exactly where you are throughout the sales process eliminates anxiety, confusion, uncertainty, and fear. Following a series of directions properly is essential to success in sales, with one caveat – don’t be a robot!

Utilizing the Victory Selling System properly will certainly increase your chances for success, but you need to be yourself at all times! You’ve got to maintain your true self and not pretend to be something you’re not. Keep showing your personality, put your little twist on certain words or phrases, and deliver your presentations in your style.

The system is meant to be a guideline for you to follow in order to give you the best chance to make a sale. If you start doing things you’re not comfortable with or things that don’t showcase who you are personally, no selling system will work as effectively as you’d like it to work. Be yourself!

Are you currently winging it?

Do you have a specific, step-by-step sales process?
Do you follow the same process every time you’re with a prospect?
Do you sometimes find yourself deviating from the process because of something unique about the situation?
Do you just hope to offer good presentations and have people buy from you?
Do you think you can get by on your skill sets and charm alone?
If you are doing some or all of these things, you’re leaving immense amounts of revenue on the table, and the amount of lost sales would be too numerous to count.

To give yourself the best chance to make a sale, you must follow these nine steps:

1. Research and prepare.
2. Establish control from the beginning.
3. Build trust & engage with your prospect.
4. Discover their real challenges.
5. Offer to help.
6. Explain what’s next.
7. Debrief/game film/scoring.
8. Follow up with patient persistence.
9. Maintain the relationship.

Effective selling in today’s marketplace is made up of several different systems inside of one system. There’s a system for cold-calling, networking, presenting, public speaking, follow up, etc. The only thing worse than a bad system is having no system at all!

Why Use the Victory Selling System?
An effective, well-crafted, sales system based on conscientiousness will give you the best chance to make sales.

It will prevent you from wasting time, resources, effort, and money, and will instill more confidence in you than you ever imagined.
You’ll spend more time with qualified prospects, rather than wasting time with people who’ll never buy.
You’ll know how close or far you are from your goals because you know exactly what’s going to happen based on facts, science, and tendencies.
You’ll be able to conduct a powerful and effective sales presentation every time, no matter how difficult the selling situation may be.
You’ll know exactly where you are in the sales process at all times, with every prospect, to allow you to make accurate sales forecasts and pipeline reviews.

Other Selling Systems
Imagine having your finger on the pulse of every prospect, situation, client, and aspect of your entire sales funnel and knowing you’re putting your best foot forward.

Does your current selling system (if you have one) provide all the benefits previously mentioned? Does it provide predictable outcomes? Is it giving you the best chance to fulfill your potential in sales? If not, you might be ready for a new selling system and we’re here to help!

If you’ve been in sales for a while, or even if you’re brand new to sales, you may have come across other selling “systems” before. Many of these systems teach the following:

Manipulative language using NLP or other tactics
Getting them to say YES five times (yes ladders)
Don’t leave without a YES or NO answer
Upfront contracts
Feel, felt, found
Always Be Closing mentality
Here’s what the Victory Selling System will teach you:

Research and focus to target your ideal prospects.
Maintain control of the sale from the first interaction.
Establish a true connection and mutual respect with your prospect.
Sell more conscientiously and consultatively.
Close without the traditional “closing” techniques.
Follow up with prospects without them feeling bothered or pestered.
Create long-lasting clients who’ll be evangelists for you.
Develop a referral-based business that will pay dividends for years to come.
Think About Your Current Process

If you take a quick look back at that list, how many of those steps does your current sales system or process incorporate?

If you don’t incorporate at least five or six of those steps in your current selling process, why not consider flipping the script and learning a new and better way to sell?

The experience you have with your prospects and clients while using the Victory Selling System will elicit many feelings of which you may be unfamiliar with as a salesperson.

Known side effects may include increased sales, more referrals, better conversion rates, fewer objections, career advancement, and higher income.

You may experience fulfillment, pride, joy, happiness, and many more strange emotions that lead you to believe a career in professional selling was the right decision after all!

I’m only half-kidding. But imagine what it would be like to have a successful sales career that’s filled with excitement, passion, and success, rather than one of anxiety, fear, and mediocrity.

Victory Selling prides itself on teaching the philosophy of doing the right thing no matter what, whether you make a sale or not. We take pride in the fact we teach sales through honesty, integrity, and humility.

What You Can Expect:

Your appointments will stay on the books.
Your prospects will see your expertise.
Your conversion rates will increase.
Your presentations will be more effective.
Your clients will respect you more.
Your referrals will be more plentiful.
Your deals will close faster.
Your income will increase substantially.
Completely changing the way you think, feel, and act when it comes to your current sales process can seem overwhelming. But I promise you, the results you experience will be life altering and you’ll wonder why you never operated like this before! If you want to reap those rewards, you have to make the commitment it takes to become a true sales professional. It’s going to take time, hard work, dedication, effort, patience, and passion to learn this new system and fulfill your true potential.

By implementing the Victory Selling System exactly as it’s written, you’ll transform your sales career, see your income increase dramatically, and start experiencing the success many of our clients are enjoying. Happy Selling!

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