July 3, 2022

Video Editing Course By Puno – Ilovecreatives – Free Download


Video Editing Course By Puno – Ilovecreatives – Free Download

Learn Adobe Premiere Pro the funnest way ever. ✨

Video is the backbone of our entire business at ilovecreatives. Well that and GIFs. This has been one of our most requested courses and we’re here to deliver, baby!

Lesson Breakdown
Lesson 1 — Premiere Pro Interface
Lesson 2 — Editing on the Timeline
Lesson 3 — Effects
Lesson 4 — Exporting & GIFS
Lesson 5 — Asset Collection
Trophy — Submission & Video Critique

Access 🔑
This is a self-paced online course and you’ll have access to it forever. That’s right, the community, resources, and our 💖… forever.

Slack Channel
aka Community ☁️
Our Slack communities have become a huge part of the courses at ilovecreatives and they’re what sets us apart. It’s like an instant group of digital friends that you can tap for feedback, gigs, support, annnd geek out with.

Library 📓
We’re going to share aaaall the resources we use to make our videos at ilovecreatives. This includes:

Links to our favorite stock footage, fonts, sound effects, music, and effects.

Glossary of terminology

Reference guides for efficiency

ilovecreatives Premiere Pro Templates (workspace and keyboard shortcuts we use for our own projects!)

Video Critique ✊🏽
Once you have taken the course and edited your own karaoke video, our experienced video editors will give you feedback that you can apply to future projects. This is sometimes the scariest part for people, but we’re all about positive, actionable feedback. This ain’t art school. Only tears of joy!


No.1 —
Edutainment 100% Fun 👀
The major key to our approach is… hilarity. That’s right! We take extra time to make this course as edu-taining as possible by (1) having Puno teach it (2) inserted jokes everywhere and (3) designed a project that you’ll actually want to share when you’re finished.

No.2 —
Video Editing Certification 🎓
Not only did we add gamification lesson progression and individual video critique, but we also want you to walk away with a Video Editing Certificate that you can throw on that resume.

No.3 —
Industry Standards 🏎
Our goal is to make sure that you understand how to work quickly and efficiently within the program. Speed is an important skill to master when it comes to video editing and we want your future clients and/or boss to be like… WHOA, how you do that so fast?!

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