July 3, 2022

WP Rockstar And GeekPack By Julia Taylor – Free Download Course


WP Rockstar And GeekPack By Julia Taylor – Free Download Course

For Every 10 Online Service Providers Petrified To Touch Their Clients WordPress Websites… There’s A WordPress Rockstar Who Can Confidently Solve ANY Website Challenge & Charge 5x Their Competition…

And if you think this “unfair advantage” is due to:

Ninja computer programming skills…you’d be wrong

Using the latest drag and drop page builder that would make even a rookie designer attain the status of a WordPress rockstar overnight…you’d be wrong

Technical degrees, geeky math skills, and relevant job experience…you’d be oh-so-terribly wrong!

Path 1: You’ve bootstrapped your coding education:

You’ve ordered books on HTML from Amazon and sincerely made the effort to read and understand this “must-know” coding language… hoping it would bolster your confidence when applying to gigs (truth: it’s a marginal improvement, really)

You’ve consumed endless how-to-code videos on YouTube – but for every one step you take forward when you implement a technique, you take two steps back. Worst of all, you’re left alone to figure things out…

You’ve signed up for coding courses on Codecademy and Udemy, but the course creators don’t have “office hours”, forcing you to look for answers elsewhere, and spiraling into a rabbit hole of gibberish, jargony, techy lingo.

Path 2: You’ve learned how to code on the job which means you’ve:

Feigned confidence that you know what you’re doing while you pray to the WordPress Gods to reveal the magic “source code” on an (inefficient) Google search and salvage your career.

Poured over hundreds of hours on YouTube, tech chat rooms, WordPress FB groups to get the help you *DESPERATELY* seek. Only to be confused when they’re all saying conflicting things and you land with a thud, back to where you started.

Path 3: You’ve scanned FB groups for quality leads/clients/projects

Armed with the little tech skills you have, you scour Facebook and LinkedIn for leads. Anytime you see a potential lead or opportunity that requires WordPress providers, you jump in to offer your services. But as the number of comments populates on social media job posts, your confidence nosedives, and you conclude, “they’ll never pick me.”

You sell yourself short, fail to package and sell your services like a pro, commoditize yourself without leveraging your X-factor in discovery calls. #youhatesales

You keep “settling” for less-than-ideal clients (read: energy vampires) who feel justified paying you $10/hour because you DON’T have the coding expertise.

Let’s Get Real For A Hot Sec

You don’t need to have years of coding, fancy certifications, or hardcore developer experience to build a website from scratch, make updates or edits, or maintain them.

You don’t have to learn EVERYTHING about coding before you can troubleshoot your client’s websites. The best WordPress Developers learn one technique, double their implementation efforts, and get handsomely paid. Yup, it’s possible!

You don’t need a degree in tech, expensive software, math skills, be a millennial, or attend an expensive coding boot camp to pull this off.

You don’t have to suffer in isolation, trying to figure things out on your own, second-guessing yourself, and not knowing how to deal with a “code red” situation (read: breaking the client’s website and screaming “F$$$*k, my career’s over!”)

You don’t need to be a glorified geek in grimy clothes eating Cheetos at 3 am in your basement to feel “legit” to do this.

You don’t need to feel intimidated by the bro-ish unfriendly cut-throatiness of other courses and communities and give up on your dream of becoming location and financially independent.

These wins didn’t come from months or years of learning and laboring…

They were first earned by learning how to code a 2-page website, entirely from scratch, using HTML & CSS in as little as 5 days, to creating a WP site look gorgeous and professional on any device.

They were earned in a safe and judgment-free incubator of support, education, and entrepreneurial resources

If you’re a freelancer-slash-virtual assistant serving online businesses, this means:

Being able to double down in your freelance business by going all-in on your WordPress coding skills and charging baller rates on your proposals.

Being able to offer a wide range of services such as customization, updates, edits, troubleshooting, and adding functionality to websites – making you indispensable and invaluable to clients.

Standing out in a sea of samey virtual assistants, because of your robust coding skills and the plethora of services because of these skills.

If you’re a web designer and desire to get and retain high-paying clients, this means:

Pursuing meatier opportunities instead of self-sabotaging out of fear of NOT being able to deliver (Remember the white screen of death? Ain’t scary no more!)

You’ll be equipped to build a custom website not just with page builders and plugins, but you’ll also have the coding chops to make even the most nitpicky client happy – making you indispensable.

Negotiating higher fees for your WordPress website packages which would include design and development.


There are 5 critical things you need to make that happen…

(You get all Five in WP Rockstar – more about that in a moment)


I’m going to get this out of the way. The WP Rockstar program is NOT for the faint of heart. Learning how to code is like learning a foreign language. It’s not rainbows and unicorns all the way. There will be challenges and some hard(ish) concepts to wrap your mind around.

But, having said that, here’s what you shouldn’t be doing if you want to jumpstart your developer business:

— Writing lines and lines of code.
— Learning C++, SQL, or any programming language that will have you sprout chin hairs, grey hairs, and hairs in the nether regions!
— Watching YouTube videos (minus the application and curriculum) and expecting to build error-free websites from scratch.


I’ve taught myself to code… in a vacuum… without a community. I found a lot of problems with this method…there were a lot of pitfalls.

Here’s the thing, left alone to your devices, it’s easy to flounder, procrastinate, and ultimately give up on your entrepreneurial dreams.

Being part of a community that comprises of like-minded peeps who’ve got skin in the game, genuinely want to see you succeed, and are there for you when you’ve broken a client’s website or have a code-red situation…

…there’s little probability of you staying trapped in your basement till 3 AM troubleshooting issues in isolation and an increased likelihood that you’ve solved the issue within minutes.


The difference between a struggling freelancer and a fully booked business owner is an arsenal of business skills. Talent can get you started but if you have *NO IDEA* how to find and pitch big fish clients, onboard and offboard them, manage your time, stay on top of your taxes, etc. you’ll hit a breaking point.

The fully booked business owner has proven client management systems, knows what to look for when hiring her next superstar VA, can channel Beyonce-Esque confidence on her sales calls…and get the “high stake gig”

Yup, talent can take you so far. But having badass business skills set you apart from a freelancer working in her PJs and SpongeBob slippers.


IMHO, most digital courses stink because after you’re done with them you have no support, no platform to ask questions or engage in dialogue, and worse you have to resort to online forums, blogs, and additional courses to get those questions answered.

But what if you get lifelong course updates and additional training? At no additional cost?

That’s equivalent to hundreds of hours and dollars saved!


“Have questions? Need clarity? Ask Me Anything!”… Said no course creator on Udemy or Codecademy EVER! And if you’re okay with that arrangement, more power to you.

But for most of us, we want to know if you (the course creator) care for your students. That you’re willing to stand by your content and “show up” to support your tribe and answer their pressing questions. Consistently.

Ahem….*Time for a humble brag*

I do all this and more… just ask my students 😊

Julia Taylor Here.

Former intelligence officer, military wife (husband’s now retired), digital nomad, and the proud founder of WordPress Rockstar and The GeekPack Community (more on that in a bit).

I teach women (and some cool men) how to code and start a location independent business they love.

I’ve helped over 2200 virtual assistants, freelance website designers, SAHMs, and military wives become WordPress Rockstars with badass coding and business skills….

The WP Rockstar Program

A comprehensive program designed to give you the WordPress technical know how, the business resources, live coaching & community you need to jumpstart your WordPress development business.

So you can go from a struggling Online Service Provider to Fully Booked WordPress Rockstar in 3 months (not years)

Get Immediate Access To

100+ Training Videos

100+ Training Videos

Summary worksheets


Real life Examples​

Live Q&A sessions​

Guest Expert Content

Here’s How The WP Rockstar Curriculum (Value $997) Breaks Down

Module 1
Introduction to WordPress

Gain a solid understanding of WordPress and how to build a WP site on a local development environment.

You’ll have permission to build a site NOT on a live server, so that you can “break” things without ramifications.


Practice creating a site from scratch and develop confidence in your new skills.

Banish the # 1 fear that holds back most new developers – breaking a client’s site on the job!

Module 2

WordPress File Structure & Child Themes

Can you build websites and have a successful freelancing career without understanding the WordPress file structure? Absolutely!

But what happens when plugins break the site or there are issues with the htaccess files?

Creating child themes ensures there’s no loss of customization when a WP theme gets updated.


Understand WP file structure and the importance of WP child themes. (WordPress best practice).​

Create child themes for your site and/or your clients sites.

Save time (and face) by never losing pre-built client customizations when a theme updates.

Module 3

WordPress Admin & Adding Content

In module 3, you’ll learn how to navigate the backend of a WordPress site and add content.

From creating new pages and blog posts, to monitoring comments, and exporting content!

BUT… it’s not all that user friendly…at least at first! Once we start to use it regularly, you’ll be a pro.

By the end of this module you’ll no longer feel WordPress is “non-user friendly”.


Learn the inner workings of the WP backend and site navigation.

Understand how the WP Admin and WP content function – and when to use both.

Module 4
Build a WordPress Site From Scratch (Part 1) – Underscores Setup

This is where you’ll create a bulletproof foundation for WordPress site building with total confidence.

There are 3 parts to building a WP site from scratch – Module 4 starts with part 1.​


Discover what it takes to build a site from scratch using HTML & CSS.

Gain the confidence to customize WordPress sites beyond a simple page builder or theme.​

Restructure the page width and layout to improve the site’s visual appearance.

Module 5

Build a WordPress Site From Scratch (Part 2) – PHP & WordPress​


If you open a zip file in WordPress, you’ll see that most of the included core WordPress files are PHP.

Similarly, any theme that you install is going to include a bunch of PHP files.

And any plugins that you install are – you guessed it – also going to be primarily PHP.

Fortunately, you don’t need to know ALL the ins-and-outs of PHP in order to fully understand WordPress…you simply need to recognize it, and know how to manipulate or customize it!


Understand WP file structure and the importance of WP child themes. (WordPress best practice).

Create child themes for your site and/or your clients sites.

Save time (and face) by never losing pre-built client customizations when a theme updates.

Module 6

Build From Scratch (Part 3)

The final installment in the “build from scratch” series.

In this module you’re going to bring the whole site together (after laying the foundation in modules 4-5), add all content (images, fonts, homepage sections, and the other pages, etc.)

So that they can show off their portfolio site and feel uber confident they can do just about anything to any WP site

Instead of having a portfolio site that is just a basic WP theme/page builder and instead of being scared to make significant customization to WP sites.

Module 7
Responsive Design

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it’s highly unlikely that you haven’t seen a “mobile friendly” site.

One that you like returning to, becoming an email subscriber, or buying the company’s products or services.

But so many things could ruin that experience…

Long loading times​

The distance between the product rows causing a scrolling marathon breaking the user’s interest.​

The font size getting smaller or never changing.​

And that’s when developers like you can save the day – when you complete module 7, you’ll be able to build a responsive design site, instead of having a site that looks bad on multiple devices (desktops, laptops, tablets and phones)


Discover what it takes to build a site from scratch using HTML & CSS.

Discover how to make the blog archive and individual blog posts responsive.

Learn how to design elements such as the header, footer, the front, and inner pages to be responsive for a user-friendly experience.

Module 8


Every site needs plugins – these little bits of code make it so easy to customize and add functionality to your websites.

Yes, WordPress offers thousands of free plugins. And even though your superpower lies in custom coding those plugins to add oomph factor to the sites…

…You can still use plugins (without adding custom code) to build a site. But on the flipside , adding hundreds of plugins could slow down your site, break it, or worse or get infected with malware.

In this module, I’ll answer this question once and for all: “What plugins are best for WP sites?”


Learn what free and paid plugins I use in my business.

Security & Backup plugins

SEO plugins

​And so many more!

Module 9

Migration to Live Server (Flywheel)​

A common client request that developers say yes to is: Migrating a site from a local development environment to a live server.

Module 9 will detail the step-by-step training on how to migrate to Flywheel.


Prepare for migration: starts with creating an admin user profile on Flywheel

Ready to migrate: export the site from the Local by FlyWheel.

Module 10
Migration to Live Server (SiteGround)

In this module, you’ll learn how to complete site migration from Local By FlyWheel to SiteGround.

Again, this is a common request from clients that good developers are familiar with and see this as NBD.


Prepare for migration: from setting up a hosting account on SiteGround to setting up a password protected site, this module covers it all.

Run a QA (Quality Assurance) test to make sure all systems are a go before you the site is live.

Module 11

WordPress Maintenance & Troubleshooting issues​

A WordPress website whether it’s shiny and new or a few months old, needs to be updated – often in order to function and serve online visitors.

Here’s why updates are necessary (hint: these are powerful benefits to persuade your clients to work with you, when you’re selling your maintenance packages)


Increase security and reduce the chance of website getting hacked or infected with malware.

Fix bugs and issues with previous versions and/or compatibility with other plugins and themes.

Add new features and functionality that the previous versions didn’t include.

6 Months Membership in the GeekPack® Community

(Value $997)

“I wanted to be more confident in my coding skills and ask the ‘stupid’ questions I was too embarrassed to ask in the pro groups.
I didn’t feel safe asking my questions in those groups.” – GeekPack® member

It’s no secret that most tech-ish groups feel heavy on the bro-ish culture, making an outsider (mostly women) feel “not-smart-enough” or “not-good-enough” to have a seat at the table.

And a cornerstone of ANY business is a strong, active, judgement-free community where there’s no such thing as:

A wrong (or right) question

Asking too many questions

A reward for building a business with zero help

A too “vulnerable” share

Gender, age, background, or education being the predictor of success

As you put your NEW ideas from the program into practice, questions will flood your brain and possibly overwhelm you.

And that’s my promise with the GeekPack® Community – No Member Left Behind.

This is where I take off my course creator hat, put on my coaching hat, answer your questions, and get you unstuck within minutes on my twice monthly Facebook Lives

Unlike the local meetups where people are still asking “What’s WordPress?” and “Where do I find my first client?”…

This private Facebook group is your go-to support for asking the questions that keep you up at night, cheering on each other’s wins, and rooting for a GeekPack® member when they’ve had a bad day.

Learn Badass Business Skills & Get An Unfair Advantage
With The Trainings In The Expert Content Vault

(Value $997)

Leave no digital stone unturned on your WordPress coding business! The goal at WP Rockstar is not just to build badass skills but to master your business skills, too.

*Want to pitch ‘big fish’ clients? *Want that inner voice to be more of a springboard than a straitjacket? *Want to rock your discovery sessions like a pro without sounding “too available”?

Then get ready to have your mind blown when you hear these experts drop the value bombs in various biz building topics:

Esther Inman on how to repurpose content and source ideas (without copying!)

Pamela Dale on how to (legally) stalk your dream clients, invite them on sales calls, and convert them into clients.

Robin Carberry on how to push past 5 major blocks that come between your success.

April Lewis on getting started on earning passive-ish income through affiliate marketing so that your business works for you.

Dawn Sinkule, an expert on e-commerce on how to audit a Shopify site, assess the gaps, and spot opportunities. If you work with e-commerce clients, this training is a must for you.

Ashely Gainer on how to use freelance writing to crank your WP Development Business.

And so many more expert talks that you’ll find inside WP Rockstar.

These talks are all meat, no fluff, and have helped our students make the journey from a freelancer who’s flying off the seat of her pants to a consummate entrepreneur running a REAL business.

The Ready to Swipe & Deploy WP Trello Board Covering The A to Z in your Freelance Business

(Value $597)

From the time you get on that first 20 minute “let’s-see-if-we’re-a-fit” call with a prospect to offboarding a client after project wrap up…

…Your business processes define and in some cases even precede your reputation.

With this generous resource (not available for sale ANYWHERE), we give you the low-down on how to kick ass with Trello….and cover (more like save) your precious tush with the WP trello board.

Never struggle with what you need to do, rely on memory to check things off on your projects, or drop the ball on your clients because you forget to send a contract.

Here’s what you get with the ready to swipe and deploy WP Trello Board Process Templates & Checklists:

Example Contracts​

Example Client proposals​

Client intake form checklist​

How to onboard clients checklist​

How to offboard clients checklist​

Project Discovery process checklist​

Discovery call preparation checklist​

Website Design Process Checklist (if you score a web design client, this one’s a life saver)

And so much more!​

Finding Clients 101

(VALUE: $397)

You have the tech skills down pat. Now it’s time to learn the skills to operate a REAL business & treat it like one.

So, if you want to know how to make EVERYTHING in your freelance business 10x more effective…

Easy: Start with this bonus.


You’ll learn where to find your ideal clients (online and in real life)

You’ll understand the nuances of a good client-service provider relationship (your clients will never look for another service provider!)

Get the answer to the #1 question asked by most freelance developers: “How much do I charge?”

Social Media for Online Businesses

(VALUE: $397)

You’re now ready to take things to a whole new level with the hottest organic strategies that will fuel the growth of your business.

Highlights from Lessons 1-3: Instagram For Your Business

Learn everything you need to know about using the right hashtag strategy that will expand your reach and grow your following.

Learn how to create engaging posts that will nurture and deepen your connection with your audience from the get go.

Numbers don’t lie! Understanding your Instagram analytics will empower you to make content driven decisions in your Instagram marketing plan.

Highlights from Lessons 4-6: Facebook For Your Business

Understand how to use your Facebook profile and Facebook Business page to market your business, attract leads, and build a brand (yes, it’s possible!)

If you’re not a member in key Facebook groups, you’re losing out! Facebook groups were the thing 3 years ago (2016) and they are still the thing today. Learn the top tips of productive Facebook group engagement. Build connections that could transform into lucrative opportunities.

Bring in a flood of free traffic by leveraging the most important tool in Facebook – The Facebook Live! Build your authority and expand your reach 3x faster when you know how to captivate audiences through live streaming.


BONUS #1: The Finding Clients Challenge

(VALUE: $397)

Finding clients is one of the HARDEST parts of the online business world, so we decided to make it super easy for you to succeed with the…

4 Week Challenge to Landing your First (or Next) Client…

–> Step-by-step guide

–> Weekly checklists

–> Learn + Implement

–> Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn profile optimization

–> TONS of expert interviews & content

NOTE: Want some accountability? In GeekPack®, we run the LIVE Finding Clients Challenge/LIVE Goal Setting & Project Planning Masterclass twice throughout the year.

BONUS #2: Goal Setting & Project Planning Masterclass

(VALUE: $197)

Student: I want to make $5k in Quarter 2 of 2021

Me: Great! How are you going to make that happen?

Student: I have no idea!

Me: Not anymore you don’t! With this Goal Setting Masterclass you’ll know exactly how to identify your BIG goals and drill down the EXACT steps you need to take for exponential success in 2021 and beyond!

NOTE: Want some accountability? In GeekPack®, we run the LIVE Finding Clients Challenge/LIVE Goal Setting & Project Planning Masterclass twice throughout the year.

We’ll cover:

Discover your motivation, aka your big WHY​

What is going well (biz and/or personal)

What is NOT going well (biz and/or personal)

BIG goals​

To-do list and timeline​

BONUS #3: Audit Checklists & Roadmaps

(VALUE: $197)

Ready to take on clients but you don’t know where to start? Don’t want to ‘cold pitch’ a website?

That’s exactly why we created our EXCLUSIVE Audit Checklists & Roadmaps

What’s Included:

Website Audit Checklist

Social Media Audit Checklist

Website Speed & Optimization Roadmap

SEO Checklist


(VALUE: $100)

You heard that right… join before the timer hits ZERO and get $100 off the regular price!

DON’T FORGET to use the COUPON CODE: ‘ROCKSTAR’ at checkout

[FAST ACTION BONUS]: Zero To WP Hero – 5x 6x Premium WordPress Themes

(VALUE: $997)

This special training is for the WordPress Novice ready to build customized WordPress Sites with the Genesis Framework and 6 Premium WordPress Themes.

It costs $780 to get the Genesis Framework and 6 StudioPress Premium child themes…

When you join WP Rockstar, you get them ALL at no additional cost to you PLUS step-by-step video tutorials on each theme!

Finally, you’ll know what theme to use instead of choosing a crappy theme that isn’t easy to customize.

Best part? You’ll be able to customize your clients website and justify the high rates on your client proposals!


Set up a WordPress site using the Genesis Framework and choose from 6 Premium StudioPress Child Themes so that you can get a portfolio site up ASAP.​

Learn how to customize a WordPress theme to build on-brand sites for your clients so that they can stand out in the digital space.​

Use coding skills such as HTML, CSS & PHP to add customizations to the theme.​

[FAST ACTION BONUS]: GeekPack Swag: t-shirt & laptop sticker​ ​ [NOT INCLUDED]

(VALUE: Priceless)

Geek Pack

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